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Fall Activites to Explore in Fort Collins, CO

With the fall season just right around the corner, it is time to start getting ready to embrace the season with a fresh variety of activities around Fort Collins. The great thing about living or visiting Colorado is that there are plenty of things to do while being here. Whether you are looking for a fun date night idea or needing to get out of the house with the family, this blog will offer a few different things for everyone to explore.

Take a Ride on the Fort Collins Trolley

One really great way to get a true view of the city of Fort Collins is to take a nice ride on the historic railway that runs through downtown. The Trolley railway system has since been restored and is accessible on weekends for anyone looking for something to do with kids or needing ideas for a nice date.

Hurry up though, because the restored streetcars that are used to navigate the railways now are only accessible during the months of May through September. If you do not get a chance to catch a ride through the town this year, there is always the next!

If you are looking for a nice ride to arrive in, take a look at some of the newer Hyundai Tucson models. Not only will you be able to get a great looking vehicle, but one that is built to last the rigors of everyday driving. This vehicle is perfect for just about everything that Fort Collins has to offer.

Check Out the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures

With Fort Collins being a heavily art-influenced town, it is no surprise that there is a top art museum located here. The Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures offers several different curated galleries throughout the year, and during the rough last year, even offers virtual tours around the museum so everyone can experience the museum in their own ways. It is always nice to see the parts of history you may or may not know, and the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures does a fabulous job of putting together wonderful galleries.

Make it a priority to take a look at some of the art and history around the city. People are always amazed at the true beauty of it all. Travel there safely in a fuel-efficient Nissan Sentra that is built to last a while, like the memory of going to the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures.

Go Grab a Pumpkin from a Pumpkin Farm

Halloween is going to be here soon, and why not have some fun with the family by letting everyone choose their own pumpkin! Not to mention, there are usually more fun activities at pumpkin farms for the little kids to enjoy as well as adults. Head on over to Bartels Pumpkin Farm, where they have pumpkins usually starting as low as $1 and have a hand carved corn maze to walk through with dead ends, meaningless circles, and other whacky surprises. They even offer birthday packages for those who are interested.

To help haul all your pumpkins, you might want a vehicle that has tons of space to store your precious cargo. We recommend looking at a nice pickup truck such as a Ford F-150 or GMC Sierra. That way you have plenty of room for your pumpkins and family or friends.