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Great Cars for Cyclists

For a cyclist, there is nothing better than hopping on a bike and feeling the breeze rush through your hair. However, serious cyclists often need to transport their bikes. 

Besides grand pianos, there are few things less awkward to load into a car than a bicycle. Removing wheels and wrangling the pedals and saddle into a position that allows you to close your trunk can prove to be frustrating and, in the end, damage the paint or upholstery. Carmakers are aware of this, with many building external racks and internal rails. Some of these extras allow you to transport passengers and bikes at the same time. Here is a list of five cars that work great for cyclists.

Volkswagen California

Volkswagen California - Great Cars for Cyclists in Colorado
Image via Flickr by Laurel L. Russwurm

For those who love long cycling excursions, the Volkswagen California is a dream car. You can easily fit several passengers and all your equipment. This comfortable camper even comes with an optional shower. Enjoy any spontaneous weekend road trips, and be sure that everything you need for the trip will fit in. 

Nissan Leaf

Cyclists are often environmentally friendly individuals, which can conflict with their need for a larger, bike-friendly car. The Nissan Leaf takes care of that. This electric car can travel up to 105 miles on a full charge, making it a great option for the environmentally friendly cyclist. Plus, the length of the Nissan Leaf allows you to add a roof rack for your bicycles. The trunk is roomy enough for all your gear. The height of the Nissan Leaf is great for easy bike unloading. 

Land Rover

Land Rover has a good reputation for its dependability and ability to handle any terrain. Standard Land Rover SUVs offer enough space for passengers and bikes. With two bikes on the roof, three on the tailgate, and two in the trunk, you'll be able to carry the whole cycling club in your Land Rover. Land Rover produces a variety of dedicated cycling accessories, including two-bar mounted carriers, roof-mounted fork, and wheel-mounted carriers. 

Ford Escape

The Ford Escape SUV can handle rough terrain while safely and comfortably transporting you and your bicycles. The 68 cubic feet of space, including the fold-down rear seats, offers plenty of room. Even with the back seats up, the Ford Escape has enough space for a bike or two. The Ford Escape comes with roof rack rails and available crossbars, so it can carry multiple bikes on top and inside the car. 

Nissan Rogue

Pursue your cycling dreams in style in a compact Nissan Rogue crossover. The motion-activated liftgate makes loading your bike and gear a piece of cake. The Divide-N-Hide cargo system helps you to organize the rest of your equipment and luggage. Get the most out of the Nissan Rogue by adding roof rail attachments. 

Cycling's a great hobby with physical and mental benefits, including stress relief. But, trying to cram your bicycles and equipment into some cars is challenging. If you're in the market for a new car, try one of these that'll support your active lifestyle.