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Jumpstart Summer in Fort Collins

Summer is here in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, and with everything starting to open back up and get back to normal, that means it is time to get back to doing the fun activities that you and your family missed out on all this time. Now is the time to go swimming, fishing, hiking, going out to events, and everything in between. While we are all getting back to normal, check out these three things to kick off your summer, and take a look at some of our vehicles that can help maximize your enjoyment.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

If you are looking for a really interesting place to take your family or maybe a date, the Museum of Discovery is where history and science collide for one truly unique experience. Take a brief stroll through history as you see different exhibits on music, the Native Americans, nature, animals, science and so much more. While there are certain sections that are catered to kids, there is something for any age. There are even scheduled shows sometimes during the week that you can check out.

If you are taking the family out for a fun time, the Ford Explorer will be a great means of transportation. Not to mention, the newer models have a more sporty look to them, making them more appealing as well.

Check out the Fort Collins Brewing Scene

Fort Collins is often referred to as the Craft Beer Capitol of Colorado. Just in Fort Collins alone, there are more than 20 craft breweries for you to explore. It has been quite a while since people have been able to enjoy a drink out in public, and there is no better way to celebrate getting back to normal than an ice cold brew. The best part about being local to Fort Collins is that there are so many different breweries for you to choose from, that you are bound to find a specific place and drink that you absolutely love.

If you are showing up to the bar, it all depends on what it is you love to drive. If you are new to Fort Collins, or just haven’t experienced the different breweries around town just yet, we recommend a car with sufficient gas mileage to help you navigate from one location to another. In this scenario, a Nissan Sentra would be perfect since they offer enough room as a sedan and more gas mileage than many other vehicles in their class.

Check out the new Colorado State University Football Stadium

When is the last time you have been out to a sporting event? Why not check out the newly built Colorado State Canvas football stadium. Football is coming right around the corner and now that the stadium is open back up, why not go and support your local college team for some fun. They now have a loud cannon for every touchdown, so be extra loud and wear green to celebrate and cheer with the fans!

When it comes to this summer, there is almost no better choice than getting a pickup truck. Not only will you be able to haul your tailgating needs but you will also be able to dominate every other activity or trail there. You can be ultimately prepared with a nice Ford F-150 or GMC Sierra. Honestly, any heavy duty pickup truck will do the trick.