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Key Additions to Maximize the Bed of Your Truck

The bed of your truck is an integral part of your vehicle! It can be used in a variety of ways, mostly for carrying and storing things. Nonetheless, it is one of the most important parts of a truck. That is why Colorado Motorcar Company wants to suggest some additions that help get the most use out of your truck bed!

Adding a Protective Cover

Protective covers are used to do exactly what their name says. Protect. Just throw one onto the bed of your truck and protect your bed and whatever you have stored in it from all elements. Tonneau covers and camper shells are the more common covers. Both are good at what they do, however, they are far different in appearance. We suggest looking into all covers and seeing which one you like most on your truck!

Photo via Line X Truck

Place a bed rack on the truck

Bed racks are almost essential for securely transporting heavy equipment. If you’re into outdoor sport activities, then you’ll be happy to know that they are also good for storing equipment such as bikes, kayaks, and skiis! Be sure to look into a bed rack if you’re an outdoor sports fanatic!

Add rails

Install rails along the 2 sides of your truck. While these may not have as many uses as other possible additions, their use in transporting cargo is huge! Got some loose furniture rustling around in the back? Tie them up to the railings and worry no more!

Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are similar to the rails in the sense of being able to immobilize, you guessed it, cargo! They are great for holding down, or back, large items so you don’t have to worry about losing anything from your bed! You can also replace your tailgate with a cargo net to give your truck the look that you want! The choice is yours!

Photo Via LABedz

Make use of bed extenders

Here in Colorado, we know you’re probably used to hauling long cargo such as kayaks or skiis. If you are, you would be one who benefits from a bed extender! They do exactly as their name suggests. Extend the bed of your truck! So if you have long equipment that needs to be moved, look into a bed extender.

Add Bed Slides

No one wants to get in and out of the bed of your truck, while moving your things, all day. That is where bed slides come in. Install one of these bad boys and you can slide it out, put all of your equipment or cargo on it, and slide it back into your bed! It’s as easy as that! Save so much energy in your work with this convenient addition!

Photo Via Auto Customs YouTube

Mount Steps to Your Bed

Moving things to and from the bed of your truck all day or even for just a few minutes can be extremely tiring. You will want to save every bit of energy that you can. That is why bed steps are essential to preserving your energy and your body!