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Make Your Truck Sing With These Custom Horns

From animal sounds to train whistles, with a custom air horn, you can accessorize your truck like never before. It's a simple way to play any sound you want in place of your standard horn—and it gives your vehicle a big boost of personality. Read on to learn how to make your truck sing with custom horns.

What's So Great About a Custom Horn?

Image via Flickr by Bernard Spragg

Depending on the horn sound you select, your custom beeper could make horn honking less confrontational. A friendly chirp that's designed to ask someone to pay attention will likely nudge a distracted driver into action better than the blast of an air horn. Extremely cool sound effects make driving our roads more fun, plus they're loud, and they attract a ton of attention.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Custom Horns?

Did we mention they're loud and attract a ton of attention? Before you head out to purchase your custom horn, check with your motor vehicle department for local noise restrictions. Is your truck outfitted with an air raid siren or a maddeningly loud train horn? Then use it sparingly.

Horns That Are Perfect for Trucks

When you want to make your truck sing with a custom horn, some popular models are readily available online or at your local automotive shop. 
The Wolo's Juke Box Electronic Musical Horn one-touch Juke Box plays 34 pre-programmed songs such as holiday, children, and patriotic themes. A control panel offers volume tuning and is available for less than $30.

Bring a smile to your face with the Roach Coach 5 by Trigger Horns air horn kit and compressor that trumpets everyone's favorite song—La Cucaracha. The kit comes with five bright red trumpets and an easy-to-install 12-volt compressor for around $75.

If you're serious about taking your honking off the rails, then invest in the Kleinn Pro Blaster Train Air Horn Kit. The basic kit runs under $500 and comes with dual black trumpets, air compressor, and installation hardware that sings like a classic locomotive.

How Are Custom Horns Installed?

If you're handy with a set of tools, you may be able to install your custom horn yourself. Every horn is different, but a basic installation usually includes the following steps.

1.) Open your truck's hood and find a spot near the front of the engine compartment to mount your horn.
2.) Use self-tapping screws to install the mounting hardware included with your kit, making sure to point it downward to prevent water from collecting inside.
3.) Mount the air compressor to your truck's fender and run the tubing from the compressor to the horn.
4.) Connect the horn wire, power relay, and 12-volt output to the compressor.
5.) Connect the compressor's negative terminal to the ground.
6.) Now, cover your ears and test the air horn by pressing the button.

Adding a custom horn to your truck is fun, and your stock beeper doesn't come close to the range of sounds and music you get from a quality custom horn. Imagine your truck sailing down the highway, singing its favorite song.