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The Most Reliable Trucks and SUVs

The best part of buying a used vehicle compared to buying a brand-new model is that you get a better idea of that vehicle's reliability. When a new car comes out, you won't really know how dependable the vehicle is until it gets a good amount of time and miles behind it. Here is our list of our top five picks for late-model trucks and SUVs that have proven themselves to be reliable.

Ford F-150

Ford F-150 - Most Reliable Trucks and SUVs - Colorado Motor Car Co.
Image via Flickr by CFlo Photography

After all these years, the Ford F-150 still remains America's best-selling pickup. There are tons of them on the road, which makes finding a nice preowned one, or the parts to repair them, very easy. The F-150 has proven itself as one of the most reliable trucks on the market, proven by customer loyalty. No matter what type of activities you are buying an F-150 for, you won't have a hard time finding one with the options you need.

Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 is another proven, reliable truck when looking into preowned trucks. This is another staple in the pickup truck world, proven to have low maintenance costs. They are well known for their power and comfort and are certainly worth consideration when shopping for a preowned truck.

Ford Explorer

When considering a preowned SUV, the Ford Explorer is a sound option when it comes to finding a reliable vehicle. The Explorer is proven to be a powerful SUV with a great track record for being low-maintenance. Great for someone looking for a great daily family vehicle who enjoys taking advantage of the trails as well. With incredible 4x4 capability, this SUV is a no-brainer when looking into preowned vehicles.

Honda CR-V

Hondas are well known as high mileage vehicles, and when thinking about reliability, what better proof is there than a vehicle that can make it well past 200,00 miles? The Honda CR-V is a great option when shopping preowned SUVs. They have plenty of seating and storage space and maintain a reputation for being low maintenance and having great fuel economy.

Jeep Cherokee

Last, but certainly not least, is the Jeep Cherokee. This SUV is another one that has proven it can withstand the test of time. It is one of the best options for 4x4 capabilities and has plenty of space for passengers and storage. The Cherokee is another low-maintenance vehicle, with plenty of them available in the preowned market. The Jeep Cherokee makes a great reliable daily driver that can prove to be tons of fun doing some weekend trailblazing. 

When shopping for a great preowned truck or SUV, there are tons of options. This list should give you some insight into some of the top competitors that have proven themselves over the years. You can look at any of the later model years of these five vehicles and find they have passed the test not just in reliability, but in safety, comfort, and technology. By buying one of these vehicles preowned, you can rest easy knowing you got a better price and great value. Save yourself from the new car price tag while also saving yourself the risk of buying a new car that may just end up being a recall nightmare.