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If you are looking to sell your used truck, car, or SUV soon, then you need to bring it to the best used car dealer in Fort Collins, Colorado! At Colorado Motor Car Co, our dedicated staff will be able to give you a competitive offer for your vehicle. If you stop by and visit us, or fill out our form on the webpage, we can begin the process of selling your vehicle. Every vehicle is different and unique, so please be sure to give as much detail as you possibly can so we can give you a more accurate offer to the true value to your vehicle.

We accept almost anything and everything under the sun, so fill out our form for the vehicle that you no longer want and one of our staff members will be able let you know if your vehicle is unacceptable or not. We will look over your vehicle and get back to you right away!

Not wanting to sell your vehicle? Looking to trade-in and get a high quality used truck from our inventory? Maybe a beautiful used SUV for sale? Whatever grabs your attention, you can trade-in your vehicle and get the one from our used car inventory that you want instead! The process is the same as if you were just going to outright sell the vehicle, too! Just fill out our form, and let our staff members do all of the hard work for you and send you your offer as soon as possible.

Here at Colorado Motor Car Co, we strive to be known as the best used car dealership in Fort Collins, Colorado! After you have received and approved of your trade-in, head on over to our financing page and be sure to secure that auto loan to get the car your eyes are set on. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything that you see, do not hesitate to contact us at anytime during business operating hours and we will be more than happy to help get you going in the right direction and out on the road in your new-to-you vehicle today!